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Enterprise Class Email Filter

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, security threats can be a major concern, and our solutions are designed to keep you protected. Trust us to provide the expertise and resources you need to stay ahead of the curve and keep your organization running smoothly and securely. Our enterprise class email filter, combined with our comprehensive employee phishing awareness training program, is a powerful tool that can help to ensure the smooth operation of your organization.

Cyber Security

We provide cybersecurity assessments to identify vulnerabilities and offer tailored solutions to protect your assets and data from threats. Trust us as your reliable partner for cybersecurity.

Web Hosting

Affordable website hosting is crucial for a smoothly running website with reliable uptime, fast load speeds, and top-notch security. Saving you costs on website development, freeing up funds for investment in other crucial business areas. Don’t hesitate – start today and reap the benefits of affordable website hosting.

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We are Lethbridge's newest cyber security agency

It's not a matter of if you get attacked but when.

Having antivirus is no longer enough. Threat actors use many attack vectors to compromise your network.It now more important then ever to have a multiple layers of defense.

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Our cyber security assesstment process

Gain Complete Visibility and Control of Your Network

We can help you create a comprehensive record of all your network components. This will give you a clear picture of the devices and software that are essential for your daily operations.

Here's what you'll get:

Organized Device List: A detailed breakdown of all your network equipment, categorized by type for easy identification.

Software Tracking: A catalog of all active software services running on your network, ensuring you know what's there and its potential uses.

By having this organized record, you'll gain better control over your network and make informed decisions about future upgrades, security measures, and resource allocation.

**Perform an In-Depth Network Security Evaluation**

This evaluation will involve a systematic analysis of the network infrastructure to pinpoint potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious actors.

The assessment will include:

* **Security Posture Analysis:** Examining the overall security configuration of the network to identify weaknesses.
* **Risk Identification:** Recognizing potential threats and their associated risks to the network's confidentiality, integrity, and availability.
* **Vulnerability Detection:** Employing approved methods to discover exploitable weaknesses within the network environment.

**Emphasis on Risk Management:**

This evaluation prioritizes finding and understanding potential risks rather than focusing on specific scanning techniques. This approach ensures a more comprehensive assessment that considers the overall security posture of the network.

**Prepare a Comprehensive Network Discovery Report**

This report details the findings from the network discovery process, focusing on identifying active devices and available services within the target network environment (excluding any actions that would directly interact with the network).

The report will encompass the following information:

* **Identified Devices:** A list of active devices discovered on the network, including their IP addresses and any relevant hostnames obtained (if possible without active scanning).
* **Network Topology:** A high-level representation of the network layout, outlining the connections between identified devices (if feasible through passive techniques).
* **Potential Services:** A listing of services potentially running on the discovered devices based on publicly available information or non-intrusive methods.

**Note:** This report excludes details obtained through active scanning techniques (e.g., ping sweeps, port scans) to ensure compliance with ethical guidelines and respect for network security.

This revised approach emphasizes informative reporting while adhering to responsible network discovery practices.

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